Partnership disputes can cause reputational damage to the individuals involved, as well as financial and managerial trouble for the business they have founded. Therefore, it is important to try and resolve any partnership disputes as quickly as possible so that both sides can move forward and keep their business interests protected. However, doing so can prove difficult when emotions run high and relationships become strained.

If you are dealing with a partnership dispute, it is crucial to seek legal advice on the matter and have effective representation during this time. At Tennyson Monroe Solicitors, we can provide you with insight and assistance at every stage of your commercial dispute. Contact our team now to see how we can assist you.


We always recommend that our clients try to resolve matters out of court. If you have a partnership dispute claim, the first step is to try mediation between the parties to see if a reasonable settlement can be achieved. If communication channels can be kept open and both sides are prepared to compromise, a settlement agreement can often be reached. If possible, mediation should be tried first, as a court could look unfavourably on a case where both sides have refused without good cause.

Litigation and court proceedings

If ADR is not an option, the claimant serves the defendant their claim, and the defendant will indicate their defence and any counterclaim. This process is the first step in court proceedings and will involve fees and time for each side to put their case forward. A court date for a hearing will then follow, where a judge will make a decision on the claim.

In some cases, the judgement can be appealed, but keep in mind that court action is costly and time-consuming. We would always recommend that both sides investigate ways to resolve issues out of court before commencing legal routes in court. 

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