Litigation is rarely a welcome way to resolve commercial disputes. Fortunately, with the right approach, it is often possible to secure a good outcome that protects a firm's business interests without the need for court proceedings.

Commercial disputes are becoming increasingly common but for a business, they can be a real headache, potentially costly and inevitably time-consuming. If you find yourself caught up in a dispute, it's vital you have the right legal expertise on your side, to minimise the impact on you and your business.

We have considerable experience in resolving disputes across a wide range of industries and sectors - and truly understand the challenges and commercial implications of such actions on a business. We also know the importance of reaching a positive outcome as swiftly as possible.

Whether you need to bring a claim or defend a commercial dispute, our specialist commercial litigation team will provide you with expert advice and guidance, however tough, challenging or complex the situation.

Solicitors to resolve business disputes

We have specialist commercial litigation solicitors with a proven track record in areas including:

  • Contract disputes and breach of contract claims;
  • Debt recovery and insolvency;
  • Shareholder and director disputes;
  • Partnership disputes;
  • IP disputes;
  • Commercial fraud;
  • Court Injunctions;
  • Trademark, copyright and patent claims;
  • Breach of warranty and misrepresentation claims;
  • Corporate disputes including disputes relating to business purchases, Management Buy-Outs or Buy-Ins or earn-outs;
  • Joint venture disputes;
  • Covid related business disputes such as breach of contract and failure to pay.

Need help?

Contact our team of civil litigation solicitors today and we will ensure your case is handled by an experienced lawyer, with specialist knowledge of the area of law directly relating to your case. You will be provided with one point of contact for the duration of the legal process, who will update you on the progress of your case as regularly as possible.